Download a New Damien Jurado Track

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Download a New Damien Jurado Track

The second single for Damien Jurado’s upcoming album, Maraqopa, was released as a free download via Soundcloud earlier this morning. “Museum of Flight” is a slow melodic tune that builds off of Jurado’s soothing vocals.

The album is available for pre-order, which also comes with the free download. In addition to Maraqopa the singer-songwriter will release six songs from his recent recording sessions that didn’t make the album. They will be released in three 7”s, each with a different color. The blue 7” will feature “Wyoming Songbirds” and “Ghost of David (The Return),” the red contains “Clouds Beyond” and “Let Us All In” finally the yellow vinyl has “Diamond Sea” and “Pentagrams” on it.

You can pre-order the 7”s here and check out the new single below.

Damien Jurado “Museum of Flight” by DOJAGSC