Help Stuart Murdoch Finance A Musical Film

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Help Stuart Murdoch Finance A Musical Film

When adorkable actress/singer Zooey Deschanel tweets about helping Stuart Murdoch fund a movie-musical, you pretty much just follow her word (or link, for that matter).

Murdoch, one half of the Scottish indie-pop duo Belle & Sebastian, wrote and plans on directing a feature-length musical film entitled God Help The Girl later this year and through 2013.

In 2007, Hollywood producer Barry Mendel (known for gems like Rushmore, The Sixth Sense and The Royal Tenenbaums) initiated discussions for a collaboration on this project.

Since then, Murdoch has already released an album’s worth of songs for the film under the same moniker of God Help The Girl, playing a few shows with Irish singer Catherine Ireton.

The story for the movie revolves around a girl named Eve who turns to songwriting as a coping mechanism for her emotional troubles during her time in a Scottish hospital. Eve’s songs eventually lead her to Glasgow and to another pair of musicians, James and Cassie, and their interactions tell the tale of “renaissance over a long, dream-like summer.”

While writing and composing, Murdoch found inspiration in a number of unlikely sources including French New Wave cinema works by Truffaut and Godard, early post-punk music, pop musical movies of the ‘70s and ‘80s, classics films from John Hughes and British comedies by Bruce Robinson and Bill Forsythe. Of course, the city of Glasgow itself played an integral role, as well.

Murdoch and Mendel hope to raise $100,000 for God Help The Girl by February 12 and they’re almost halfway there. Backers of the project can receive a number of prizes in return for donations, ranging from a digital thank you postcard to a personalized tour of Glasgow led by Murdoch, himself.

Sound intriguing? Then head over to the film’s Kickstarter page or official website for more information on the project and ideas on how to support it.