How I Met Your Mother May Extend Past Meeting the Mother

TV News
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<i>How I Met Your Mother</i> May Extend Past Meeting the Mother

Fans of How I Met Your Mother have wondered if the series finale will show how Ted finally meets the mysterious mother, or if we’ll get to see them date for a bit and see their relationship blossom. Even creators/executive producers Carter Bays and Craig Thomas weren’t entirely sure.

Now, TV Line has reported that the duo discussed the future of the series, and more importantly, the end game.

Bays has stated that after meeting the mother, the show could be retooled as something like How I Married Your Mother so that the story can go past meeting his wife.

“We’ve had conversations about rewinding back to 2005 and doing a series called How I Met Your Father,” Thomas revealed to TV Line. “From the perspective of what was happening with the mother all those years.”

Both CBS and 20th Century Fox Television (the producer of the series) have discussed continuing the series due to a recent ratings boost.

“We’ve already started discussions with [20th] about letting them know we need some lead time because we do have a story we want to tell and we see how quickly or slowly we should be telling this story,” he added.

“Hopefully we’ll get an answer to that in time.”