Johnny Ramone’s Autobiography Set For April Release

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Johnny Ramone’s Autobiography Set For April Release

After years of delays, Johnny Ramone’s memoir, Commando: The Autobiography of Johnny Ramone will be released on April 2 by Abrams Image. The nearly 200-page book will detail the seminal punk band’s rise to fame, as well as personal stories from the lead guitarist’s childhood, relationship with Linda Ramone, and eventual health problems. Johnny Ramone died in 2004 at the age of 55, after battling prostate cancer for five years.

Linda told the Associated Press that Johnny started writing the book when he first fell ill. She said, “It is a really powerful book because his whole life has gone before him and he knows it’s going to come to an end, and he really needs to tell everybody what he’s feeling inside, so that’s what makes it so amazing.”

She also participated in the publication of her husband’s autobiography (creatively and legally!) by choosing which pictures to include in the book and dealing with the lawsuits surrounding the band after Johnny’s death.

Commando will include an introduction from Tommy Ramone, the only surviving member of The Ramones’ original lineup, and an epilogue written by Lisa Marie Presley. Tommy said in a statement, “Johnny Ramone’s autobiography is a no-holds-barred, straightforward book written in a no-nonsense style that is Johnny personified. His story is written in his own actual words, so the reader gets an insight into what made him the unique, charismatic and exciting individual that he was.”

According to Linda, “This is the first book I can honestly see that really has enough in it to make it such an interesting story, because this is Johnny talking about Johnny…No Ramone movie could be as cool as Johnny’s story.”