Listen to a New Mountain Goats Song, "In Memory of Satan"

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Listen to a New Mountain Goats Song, "In Memory of Satan"

Another new Mountain Goats song has appeared from the group’s upcoming album, tentatively titled Transcendental Youth. The song is called “In Memory of Satan,” and it was played in Tallahassee, Fla. last night.

“Everyone has spent those years, or maybe entire seasons, indoors where you don’t really leave,” frontman John Darnielle told Rolling Stone about the song. “That’s when you go into the inner realms of the spirit. This guy’s in hiding, and it’s this most spiritual realm. That old saying holds here, that you can’t be in a cave unless there’s an exit, or else it’s a grave.”

The band said they would debut and road test new songs live, and it seems like they’ve kept to their promise. The band unveiled another song a few days ago in Houston, which was called “The Diaz Brothers.” They also played three other songs that night, which included “In Memory of Satan,” but it wasn’t released as a video.

You can watch “In Memory of Satan” below thanks to fersureriot YouTube page.