Listen to a New School of Seven Bells Song

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Listen to a New School of Seven Bells Song

School of Seven Bells  released a new track from their upcoming third album, Ghostory, on Feb. 28 on Vagrant Records and Ghostly International. The track is called “Lafaye,” and it’s a reverb-soaked, hooky preview of what’s to come from Ghostory.

You can take a listen to the track below, courtesy of The Guardian. The “Lafaye” digital single will be available on Jan. 17. Check out Ghostory’s tracklist below, which features “Lafaye” at track three.

The band also released a new Ghostory track recently called “The Night,” which you can listen to below.

Ghostory Track List
1 - The Night
2 - Love Play
3 - Lafaye
4 - Low Times
5 - Reappear
6 - Show Me Love
7 - Scavenger
8 - White Wind
9 - When You Sing


“The Night”
School of Seven Bells – The Night by Vagrant Records