Radiohead Provide Soundtrack to The Island President Documentary

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Yesterday, the Internet went a little nutty because Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke updated the band’s blog, Dead Air Space. In a quick post, he mentioned that the group’s music “was used to help tell the story” of Maldives President Mohamed Nasheed in a new documentary called The Island President.

The soundtrack, which also features music from Stars of the Lid, will have 14 tracks from Radiohead albums including Kid A, In Rainbows, OK Computer, and Amnesiac.

Jon Shenk’s film, which opens in New York on March 28 and is scheduled for a limited release in Los Angeles and San Francisco on April 6, profiles the president of the small chain of islands and his crusade to raise awareness for global warming. In the film, President Nasheed traveled to Denmark to participate in the 2009 Copenhagen Climate Summit (coincidentally, Yorke also snuck into the convention, under the auspices of a journalist with the title of “Luminary/Musician/Radiohead” as per an interview with Grist TV). The Island President has already won the “Best Documentary” award at the Toronto Film Festival and will screen at Sundance later this week.

As Yorke said via Dead Air Space, “Unless something is done to stop rising sea levels they will lose everything. The country will be under water.”

So if that frightening realization and Thom Yorke’s goading are not inspiration enough to fight against global warming, check out the documentary’s trailer below.

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