Sources Say Bruce Springsteen’s New Album Will Be “Angriest” Yet

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Sources Say Bruce Springsteen’s New Album Will Be “Angriest” Yet

Ever one to overcome trauma and tragedy through music, Bruce Springsteen is planning a new album for 2012. After the passing of legendary, larger-than-life saxophonist Clarence Clemons last year, fans and critics wondered if Bruce and the remaining E Street Band members would dare to record or tour again, ever.

All of that’s been answered, though, as record label sources told The Hollywood Reporter, “He gets into economic justice quite a bit” on the still unnamed, forthcoming album.

The source continued, “It’s very rock’n’roll. He feels it’s the angriest album he’s ever made. Bear in mind, though, that [Springsteen] wrote and recorded the majority of the album before the Occupy movements started, so he’s not just setting headlines to music.”

Bruce has dabbled in politics before (see: “Born in the USA,” “The Ghost of Tom Joad,” and the stirringly emotive live performance of “War” for starters), so we’ll just have to wait and see how deeply this album delves into such social and economic issues.

This spring, Springsteen will be the keynote speaker in Austin, Texas for this year’s South by Southwest festival and starting in May, he and the E Street Band will tour Europe and the United Kingdom. Check the schedule over at the band’s official website.