The Mars Volta Prepping New Album

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The Mars Volta Prepping New Album

Prog-rock outfit, The Mars Volta revealed yesterday that they’re working on a new album, their first since 2009’s _Octahedron. Lead singer Cedric Bixler-Zavala used his YouTube channel as an outlet to drop new info.

He stated that he finished the vocals and the band is working to finish the guitar tracks in the studio next week. Afterwards, they plan on heading to Mexico, “to add more quantum entanglement to it.”

The vocalist continued, “all i can say is that most of the music and artwork is the complete opposite of everything we have done. as is with our band name it is a new leaf with some small familiar aspects. we have stripped down much of what people are used to when it comes to us, so chances are alot of you might not like it but i think a real volta fan understands that change is good, especially in terms of artwork and singing style and of course drummers. it is our duty as an artist to make the comfortable and complacent volta fan feel uncomfortable. anyway u slice it there is always a polarizing effect that comes from our musical choices. its been happening since deloused_ and a lot of people didn’t ‘get it’ or like it then. so just imagine how this one will be perceived.”

He also noted that, “there is a song on the new volta that goes by the name ‘in absentia’ but it is not the record title.”

While no official release date or album details have been released, keep checking Bixler-Zavala’s feed for more possible updates.