Watch The Long-Awaited Van Halen Video for “Tattoo”

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Watch The Long-Awaited Van Halen Video for “Tattoo”

Okay, so while the video for the new Van Halen song “Tattoo” might be a teensy bit campy (is David Lee Roth really wearing that jacket? In the 21st century? And must there be so many close-ups that make us all feel a little bit older?), the song itself is surprisingly authentic.

Eddie Van Halen incorporates just enough pitched harmonics and finger tapping in his scorching guitar work to make “Tattoo” sound like 1984, but modern enough to exude relevance in a musical environment dominated by hipsters who believe shoegaze noodling is an acceptable form of the guitar solo.

Plus, David Lee Roth lets out a couple growls and yelps for good measure.

Take and look and a listen for yourself and see what you think of “Tattoo” below.

Van Halen’s A Different Kind of Truth is due out Feb. 7.