Zooey Deschanel to Host SNL

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We like when our favorites appear on SNL, and 2011 brought some ideal acts. There were notable performances by The Black Keys, Radiohead and The Strokes.

Now, the new girl to television will be the latest addition, taking on the daunting task of hosting SNL on Feb. 11. That’s right, Zooey Deschanel will host with musical guest Karmin.

Do we think her skits will have anything to do with play teeth and accents? A singing act where she’s surrounded by 500 photographs of herself? An unwanted but highly likely scripted shout-out to Ben? Should we even question it?

Either way, we look forward to Zooey’s debut on SNL this February. If you haven’t checked out New Girl yet, which at this point we probably wouldn’t believe you if you said yes, you should.

To get you ready for her, here’s your chance to learn 10 things you didn’t know about Zooey below.

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