John Peel's Record Collection Going Online

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John Peel's Record Collection Going Online

If you’ve ever wanted to browse John Peel’s record collection, you’re in luck. The BBC announced today that a website called The Space is set to digitize the legendary BBC DJ’s record collection. The Space will allow people to browse through Peel’s 25,000 vinyl LPs.

“We’re very happy that we’ve finally found a way to make John’s amazing collection available to his fans, as he would have wanted,” said Sheila Ravenscroft, Peel’s widow, in an interview with the BBC.

The artwork of the records will be scanned, but listening to all of the albums may be limited due to copyright laws.

The Space expects to put out 100 albums each week, and the project is expected to start in May. You can check out the full article with the BBC here.