Watch Ryan Adams Cover Dio

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Watch Ryan Adams Cover Dio

Ryan Adams  has never been shy about revealing his black metal obsession.

Last November he performed an intimate 15-song session at KCRW in Santa Monica’s Berkeley Street Studio, where he spent 10 minutes educating his audience on the genre.

Adams said, “That record store [Nose Blood Records] has so much black metal in it, I don’t know how it even exists… Literally on the wall they have a bracelet made of bone and hair and i remember just going, ‘Isn’t that amazing?’”

Having self-released the metal-inspired disc Orion in 2010, Adam’s attraction to the genre is a notable one. Just last month we reported his version of Ratt’s “Round and Round.”

And now this past weekend at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, Adams encored with Dio’s “Holy Driver” after delivering a few lines on the late Ronnie James Dio, a prolific metal icon.

Watch the cover below.