Tenacious D Announce New Album Rize of the Fenix

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Oh Tenacious D, we were starting to get worried we’d never see you again.

There’s been a void these last six years begging to be filled by the absurdist vulgar comedy the duo does so well, and now they have resurrected the collaboration.

Tenacious D  announced their first album since 2006 on their website over the weekend.

Rize of the Fenix, very appropriately named and spelled, will be released in May.

To hype the new album, Tenacious D announced their first American tour date, a Memorial Day performance at Sasquatch Festival where Jack White will also be debuting his solo performance.

Check out the band’s official website to hear a clip of “Rize of the Fenix” and to feast your eyes on the animated album cover.

Until then, for your enjoyment, we bring you Tenacious D circa 1997.

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