To Whom It May Concern, an Intimate Look at The Civil Wars

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<i>To Whom It May Concern</i>, an Intimate Look at The Civil Wars

One of the best things about being a fan of Paste favorites The Civil Wars this past year has been following the duo’s rise through the eyes of rising star photographer Allister Ann. Filling the band’s tumblr, her black-and-white photographs are sometimes stark, sometimes wistful and sometimes whimsical, but they’re always intimate, full of wonder and beautifully composed. It’s hard to remember a band on the rise documented so extensively by someone so immensely talented. Now our experience of those photographs isn’t confined to the interwebs alone, as the photographer and the band release their book To Whom it May Concern.

It’s been an interesting road, write Joy Williams and John Paul White via email: “Demos came to life on unfamiliar stages, and the energy and static electricity of those early performances informed what would later become our master recordings. The road lay out before us, along with faces and places and stories that we will always hold dear.

“We don’t pretend to know what brought us to this place, but we’re thankful to have found a musical comrade to help us chase the Muse. Here’s to chasing her for years to come.”

And Allister Ann is thrilled to have been along for the ride. “This book for me is a collaboration of a family,” she says, “not brought together by blood, but drawn together by artistic creativity and a common goal.

It’s been an honor to be on the road where these two talented people have traveled and document their journey in film. These pages will give the viewer a little insight into the experiences Joy and John Paul have had so far, for their journey has just begun.”

The book is available at The Civil Wars’ website.