Flaming Lips Musical Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots will Debut in Late 2012

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Flaming Lips Musical <i>Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots</i> will Debut in Late 2012

The Los Angeles Times has reported that the Flaming Lips’ long awaited musical will debut later this year at the La Jolla Playhouse in Los Angeles. “Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots” is no new name to Lips fans; the musical version of the iconic 2002 album is set to run starting this November or December, stated director Des McAnuff.

The Times also noted that the musical will not only feature tracks from the Lips 10th studio album, but also numbers from The Soft Bulletin and At War with the Mystics.

The works for the musical have been in rotation for five years and while Aaron Sorkin (The Social Network) had previously been penned for the musical, his name was not present on Wednesday’s announcement.

The plot line for “Yoshimi” follows a young Japanese artist who ventures into the robot-world. There she must battle a slew of evil forces. The Playhouse also announced the stage show will include lots of multimedia effects.

As an ode to the “Yoshimi” we’ll leave you with a live performance of the song that spearheaded this magical-enchanted-soon-to-be-live musical.