Florence + the Machine to Release Song for Snow White and the Huntsman

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Florence + the Machine to Release Song for <i>Snow White and the Huntsman</i>

British songstress Florence Welch and her band, Florence + The Machine, have recorded a new song that is set to be included in the new film Snow White and the Huntsman. Welch spoke with MTV News yesterday, where she explained that the tune, titled “Breath of Life,” was written from the perspective of Charlize Theron’s evil Queen Ravenna.

She stated, “The Queen is just this incredible character; so hungry for life but so dead inside. She’s sort of eternal, but inside there’s nothing. She’s kind of like charcoal or something.”

After the band recorded the initial demos, they sent the song to renowned composer James Newton Howard in Los Angeles where he transformed it into an expansive piece with 60-person choral arrangements.

Snow White And The Huntsman will also star Kristen Stewart and Chris Hemsworth and is expected to hit theaters June 1. Check out the trailer below.