Mindy Smith to Release Self-Titled Album in June

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Mindy Smith to Release Self-Titled Album in June

American singer/songwriter Mindy Smith announced her self-titled fifth studio album is set to be released through Giant Leap/TVX Records on June 26. The June release marks her first album since 2009’s Stupid Love.

“I see the North Star as the prize,” Smith said of the first single, “Closer.” “One that I am always getting so close to but unable to grab a hold of and then it eludes me. Personally this song paints a picture of how I see my musical career and that I see now is my moment. Taking the time to listen for the answers to my questions. I guess now is always our moment even if it is only etching out one little piece of the bigger picture.”

The album was recorded at Sound Emporium Studio in Nashville and co-produced with Jason Lehning. It features 11 original compositions, seven of which Smith wrote by herself.

Recently, Smith has lent her tracks for Our Idiot Brother, Summerland, Six Feet Under, Grey’s Anatomy and Smallville.

Her summer tour is soon to be announced. Listen to “Closer” below and check out the track list for Mindy Smith.

Mindy Smith Tracklist:
1. Closer
2. Take Me Back
3. Pretending The Stars
4. Don’t Mind Me
5. Tin Can
6. Everything Here Will Be Fine
7. Sober
8. Devil’s Inside
9. Cure For Love
10. When You’re Waking On My Grave
11. If I