Paul and Linda McCartney’s RAM Set for Deluxe Reissue

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Paul and Linda McCartney&#8217;s <i>RAM</i> Set for Deluxe Reissue

RAM, the second album Sir Paul McCartney released between the Beatles and Wings, will join the ranks of McCartney, McCartney II and Band on the Run that have received preferential Archive Collection treatment. Originally released in 1971 and credited to both Paul and Linda McCartney, the reissued version of RAM is set to be released May 22.

Fans can purchase RAM in a number of different formats. The CD version will be available as a single disc and as special edition set with an eight-track bonus collection of rarities and B-sides. The vinyl edition comes in both one and two LP sets, of which the double includes digital downloads of all 20 tracks. The ultimate package, however, is the deluxe edition box set, which consists of a 112-page book, photo prints, full size facsimiles of Paul’s handwritten lyrics and notes, four CDs and a bonus film DVD that details the record’s storied history.

Check back at McCartney’s website for more details on the album’s release.