The Muppets Sequel In Works

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<i>The Muppets</i> Sequel In Works

IMDB reported today that Disney has green lighted a sequel for The Muppets, but Jason Segel, who wrote and acted in the first Muppets film, will not be a part of the scripting.

Disney has signed deals with Muppets director James Boin and Nick Stroller to write the screenplay. Segel, who co-wrote the 2011 Oscar winner, has said his previous commitments to other projects will not allow him time to write the script.

“Man or Muppet,” an identity crisis ballad that served as the original score for the 2011 adaptation, won the first-ever Academy Award for a Muppet film last weekend. Bret McKenzie, half of Flight of The Conchords, gave a humbling speech after his win saying, “It’s a true honor to work in the shadows of such legends.”

The Muppets will be out on DVD March 20. You can listen to “Man or Muppet” below.