Bonnie “Prince” Billy and Trembling Bells to Release Split Album

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Scottish quartet Trembling Bells and Kentucky actor/musician Bonnie “Prince” Billy have announced a collaborative album that’s due out next month. British indie label Honest Jon’s will release the record, The Marble Downs, on April 9.

The Marble Downs is not the first time these musicians have worked together. In 2010, they recorded “New Year’s Eve’s the Loneliest Night of the Year” for a 7” single of the same title.

Trembling Bells and Bonnie “Prince” Billy also teamed up with Muldoon’s Picnic for an eight-track EP called Duchess as an advance to The Marble Downs. As Trembling Bells’ drummer Alex Neilson told The Quietus, all eight tracks are exclusive to the EP and that four were recorded during the same sessions at The Marble Downs.

Duchess is currently available through Honest Jon’s website, where you can preview some of the songs on the album.

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