Workaholics Creators Talk Upcoming Season

"They’re all equally powerful episodes. All 20 are 10 out of 10."

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“Well, God spoke to me in a carton of cereal. It was a carton of Cheerios, not a box,” Adam DeVine of Workaholics jokingly revealed about the concept of the show.

“I think he spoke to me because it’s so odd to have a carton of cereal and he gave me the idea and Blake [Anderson] was right there. Blake thought it was weird I was talking to my Cheerios and then I told him the idea for the show. Then Anders [Holm] walks in and we didn’t tell him because we tried to hire someone else, but we got stuck with him anyway. I guess we’re really glad to have him.”

That was two years ago, and though it’s not exactly how DeVine, Anderson and Holm created the show, it did highlight the absurdity of their personal humor and gave a great introduction to their show about slackers who drink like fish and party like there’s no tomorrow.

The trio, along with showrunner Kevin Etten and an entourage of close friends serving as executive producers, are two seasons into their Comedy Central smash hit and are currently working on their third.

“We are about to start filming the season in two weeks and have been writing for the last couple of months,” said Anderson.” We have to write 20 [episodes] this time, so it’s kind of like a heavier load than before, and we’re about halfway through.”

Season three’s 20-episode order is the same as the first two seasons combined, but that doesn’t mean the writers are so stressed out about it that they can’t have any fun. Throughout the house party they threw at South By Southwest last week, they greeted fans, played in their gangsta rap band, The Wizards, and embodied the television versions of themselves by “working” hard at partying.

As for the upcoming episodes, DeVine revealed that they’ll go on a work trip where mayhem will ensue. While Anderson adds that viewers will get the chance to meet the trio’s family members.

“We don’t have it cast yet,” admits Anderson. “Sometimes in the past we’ve written with someone in mind, but when we get there we find out they have their own show, or they’re busy with something else. But I can say with certainty: Daniel Day-Lewis, Denzel Washington, Tom Cruise and Tom Berenger.”

Holm predicts this season will be their best yet. “They’re all equally powerful episodes. All 20 are 10 out of 10. Even the ones we haven’t written yet. I know they’re going to be brilliant.”

Some of the upcoming episodes will even rival the trio’s personal favorites where they masturbated together in a car (Anderson), got stuck in the sewer system during a raging party (DeVine) and when they took their boss’ brother out for a night on the town (Holm).

Though they’re concentrating on the upcoming season, the trio are writing a movie together and playing with the idea of a cartoon series as well. But once they’re done with season three, Anderson said he wants to itch his need for speed.

“We also might start racing cars. Definitely stock. But we street race when we’re not on the track because it’s just in your blood.”

They’ll have to wait for that hobby; the third season of Workaholics premieres May 29 on Comedy Central.

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