Arrested Development Film and Miniseries to Shoot This Summer

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Since Ron Howard ended the Arrested Development TV series saying that the story of the Bluths would be better as a film, fans have been clamoring for their favorite television family to hit the big screen.

After years of false starts, lost hope, fake disinterest, disappointment and worry, the entire cast announced last year that they would return not only for a film, but for an entire new season of the show. Now Will Arnett, who played Gob Bluth, has announced that shooting will start filming in the next few months.

Arnett said on The Today Show:

“We’re about to start making the Arrested Development miniseries and then right into the movie this summer.”

The cast have announced that the miniseries will be released on Netflix and help the audience catch up on what has been happening with the characters since the show ended in 2006. The miniseries will lead into the film that everyone is waiting for.

So get out your Cornballers and get ready to blue yourself (there’s got to be a better way to say that), since it seems like the “Arrested Development” film is actually on its way.

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