Watch The Shins' New Video for "The Rifle's Spiral"

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Watch The Shins' New Video for "The Rifle's Spiral"

Director Jamie Caliri has taken “The Rifle’s Spiral” lyrics “You’ve thoroughly blown their minds/and now I must have passage on the lines/to the veins from your heart/you’re not invisible, now/you just don’t exist” to their most literal form with his surreal stop-motion animation video.

“I have always loved Edward Gorey’s illustration work and his influence is apparent throughout the video,” the Emmy-winning director stated on The Shins’ website. “Also, seeing Martin Scorsese’s Hugo three times subconsciously veered my thoughts onto the magic theme.”

“The Rifle’s Spiral” was also made into a 3D film exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS. Check out the imaginative video for “The Rifle’s Spiral” below courtesy of Nowness as well as behind-the-scenes footage.

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The Making of “The Rifle’s Spiral”