Guided By Voices to Release Third Album of 2012, Bears For Lunch

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Guided By Voices to Release Third Album of 2012, <i>Bears For Lunch</i>

For a band that’s received its fair share of breakup rumors this year, Guided By Voices sure have a lot of material that they plan on releasing. The group, who first released Let’s Go Eat the Factory right at the beginning of the year, already announced another album, the 21-track Class Clown Spots a UFO. Exclaim reported that the band has another album slated to finish out 2012 in November. Although not much is known about the album, its name is Bears for Lunch.

Keep checking back for more details on Bears for Lunch. But while you’re waiting for that album, Class Clown Spots a UFO’s release isn’t too far away—it’s scheduled for a June 12 release on Fire Records. The band is also set to play this year’s DeLuna Festival.