30 Rock Picked Up for a Final Seventh Season

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<i>30 Rock</i> Picked Up for a Final Seventh Season

30 Rock has been renewed for another season, but as TV Line confirms, it will be the show’s last. Although not many details are known about the short renewal, the website reported that 13 episodes are expected to air for the show’s short seventh season. It wasn’t clear whether the full cast would return for the seventh season.

But it shouldn’t be a huge surprise for fans of the show—it was rumored in 2011 that the current season would be its last by longtime star Alec Baldwin.

The confirmation comes a few days after rumors of “a giant info dump from NBC execs” was reported on Opposing Views. That “info dump” stated that Community, Parks and Recreation and 30 Rock would all have abbreviated seasons before being cancelled. ??NBC didn’t immediately respond to emails to confirm the news about Community or Parks and Recreation, but keep checking back for updates as they emerge.