Bellflower Producer Remembers Adam Yauch

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I remember the first time I saw Adam. It was in the courtyard of the Four Seasons Hotel in Austin during SXSW. It was the first time we had seen any of the O-scope boys since we sold Bellflower to them at Sundance just a few months prior. Adam was sporting a pretty sweet beard. It was a good first meeting with him and we made dinner plans for that evening at The Salt Lick.

After the meeting, Evan and I took Adam in a ride around Austin in the Medusa car from the film. It was funny because Adam didn’t say much during the drive. I suppose he was either in awe of being in it for the first time or afraid of what we may do to try and impress him. From there, I was lucky enough to share some more good times over the year with him. I do wish I had had another opportunity to thank him for everything he did for us, because he changed our lives.

Per our distribution contract, we were required to deliver a flamethrower to him and his daughter. It didn’t really occur to me until recently that he was probably serious about it. I am going to talk to Evan and see if we can still make good on that… in his memory.

Vincent Grashaw
Producer – Coatwolf Productions

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