Kevin Smith's New Show Spoilers to Air on Hulu

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Kevin Smith's New Show <i>Spoilers</i> to Air on Hulu

Hulu is set to launch 10 new shows for its summer season, including a new program hosted by Kevin Smith. Spoilers will set Smith up with 50 audience members after watching the premiere of a big-name movie, where they will discuss, dissect and diss.

Compiling a compelling audience might be the show’s greatest challenge. In an interview with Wired, Smith touched briefly on the issue.

“It’s going to be easy to fill those slots, but the trick, of course, is filling them with people who have something to say,” Smith said. “But who doesn’t have something to say in this day and age? Everybody wants a platform—social media is all about, ‘I have an opinion and here it is!’”

Spoilers is set to premiere on Hulu on June 4 with a 10-episode run. Those interested in joining the 50-person audience will be able to sign up via the show’s website, which is expected to launch this week.