Talking Heads' Fear of Music to Get 33 1/3 Book

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Author Jonathan Lethem reflects on first discovering the Talking Heads as a 15-year-old in his newest book, the 33 1/3 edition of Fear of Music. Each book in the 33 1/3 series is inspired by a particular artist and album.

In an interview with NPR, he explains how the album affected him as an awkward teenager growing up in Brooklyn.

Lethem said in the interview, “In a lot of ways I can see in retrospect that I could never have articulated back then, [Fear of Music] was a message in a bottle to me, to tell me that who I was, and how I felt, was gonna be okay, and might even be a little better than okay.”

Fear of Music is the 86th addition to the series. A complete list, which includes those dedicated to albums by Pink Floyd, Radiohead and David Bowie, can be found on his blog.

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