Watch Sondre Lerche’s Norwegian Rap Video

Collaboration Features Lerche’s Cousin, Lars Vaular

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Watch Sondre Lerche’s Norwegian Rap Video

Earlier this morning, Norwegian singer/songwriter Sondre Lerche tweeted a link to the official video for his new song, “Øynene Lukket (Eyes Closed).” The track is a collaboration with his cousin Lars Vaular—an acclaimed Norwegian poet and rapper in his own right—and features Lerche’s guitar work, Dave “Herremannen” Heilman’s percussion skills and Vaular’s rhythmic rhymes.

While non-Nowegian-speaking fans won’t be able to understand “Øynene Lukket (Eyes Closed)” at all, the track totally grooves and Lerche’s harmonies during the chorus add a nice pop element. And the video, which starts as a simple affair with both Lerche and Vaular jamming in front of a plain backdrop, concludes with a wild solo, dance troupe, horses and confetti.

Check out “Øynene Lukket (Eyes Closed)” below.