Watch the Third Trailer for The Dark Knight Rises

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Watch the Third Trailer for <i>The Dark Knight Rises</i>

As we reported yesterday, a new viral campaign was launched that would allow fans to unlock the third trailer for The Dark Knight Rises. Good job people—the trailer has now been unlocked.

Christopher Nolan  has kept plot details of The Dark Knight Rises pretty close to the chest. Little has been revealed about the film besides the aliases of a few new characters including Anne Hathaway as Catwoman and Tom Hardy as Bane. The new trailer shows more of Bane’s destruction of Gotham City and new scenes of Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character, John Blake.

Nolan has stated that The Dark Knight Rises will be his final film in the Batman world. But Warner Bros. have announced that they plan on rebooting Batman once again when Nolan is done with it.

Check out the newest trailer for The Dark Knight Rises, which comes out July 20, below.