DC Comics Announces New Green Lantern is Gay

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DC Comics  announced today that Alan Scott, the Green Lantern of the Golden Age, will be re-imagined in the recently revamped DC Universe as a gay superhero. The character originally appeared in All-American Comics #16 in July 1940. Although many know Hal Jordan as the space protector of sector 2814, Scott was the first character to wear the classic green lantern on his costume.

In the last few weeks there has been speculation to who the character would be, but this Wednesday it will be revealed in James Robinson’s new series, Earth 2 #2.

“He’s very much the character he was. He’s still the pinnacle of bravery and idealism. He’s also gay,” Robinson told the New York Post. “It’s a realistic depiction of society. You have to move with the times.”

Marvel has also decided to make a similar move with Northstar’s same-sex marriage that will occur in Astonishing X-Men #51 next month.

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