Hamburg Beatles Museum to Close

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The Beatles  museum in Hamburg, Germany, is set to close at the end of the month because of a lack of interest, according to NME. The five-story museum opened in 2009 and has a collection of more than 1,000 pieces of memorabilia.

The museum is located near the Cavern Club, where the band played many of their earlier shows. The Beatlemania museum only had an estimated 15,000 visitors over the past three years, which was far under attendance expecations.

Owner Folkert Koopmans told a German newspaper: “In view of the high deficits, there is no solution left but closure, if you want to act responsibly,” he said. “A privately run museum as big as Beatlemania is condemned to fail without public support. That’s a fact that we fought against until enthusiasm turned into resignation—a bitter experience.”

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