Exclusive: Stills Reveal Glen Campbell, Joshua Homme Collaboration

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Exclusive: Stills Reveal Glen Campbell, Joshua Homme Collaboration

An Alzheimers diagnosis forced country music legend Glen Campbell to bring his 60-year career to an end earlier this year, and this week a music video for his song “A Better Place” will be released. The video will offer a retrospective look at Campbell’s career, and will feature a cameo by Queens of the Stone Age frontman Joshua Homme. Paste has received exclusive stills from the video, as well as a Q&A conducted with Homme in which he speaks of the impact Campbell had on his own career.

A crossover country icon, Campbell emerged from a small town in Arkansas to become a popular country-pop star in the 1960s. He showed few signs of slowing down until a devastating Alzheimers diagnosis in 2011 prompted the creation of a final album, Ghost on the Canvas, as well as a Goodbye Tour that is still in progress.

Check out the stills and the Q&A with Homme below.

Joshua Homme Q&A:

Q: How did your cameo in the “A Better Place” video shoot come about?

Homme:The video director, Kii Arens, is a friend and collaborator. He asked me outta the blue and I jumped at the chance. I believe his exact words were “Do you want to play the bartender from The Shining in the last Glen Campbell video?” and mine were “Of course I do!”

Q: What has Glen Campbell’s music meant to you?

Homme: My parents always included country into our musical diet when I was a kid. Rhinestone Cowboy was already a huge hit, Wichita Lineman and his work with Anne Murray was being played around the house. It was just part of my soundtrack to being a kid at home. When I got a little older and into picking my own music, I realized he was in The Beach Boys, started hearing his earlier music and seeing the full scope of what an incredible guitar player and recording artist he was too. The amount of sessions and songs is incredible. He is a superstar of music. Between that and his TV show, I began to get a clue that being a musician is more than just playing an instrument.

Q: How does it feel to be part of such a significant moment in Glen Campbell’s life, his final music video ever?

Homme: I’m ecstatic. I’m humbled. I’m lucky. I’m honored. I’d have carried lights and cameras to do it.

Q: The two of you shared some close moments on set, looking over a book of his life and career. What was that like?

Homme: I won’t forget those moments. Glen would latch onto a memory, say something meaningful, nod his head silently and turn the page. It was profound for me. We played together for a little as well and it was an honor.

“A Better Place” Video Stills: