Joseph Arthur Backs Peter Buck's Singing Debut

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Peter Buck’s solo album has remained quite a mystery since its announcement in March. The R.E.M. guitarist was rumored to sing on the album—but not in concert—and to be pressing the album to vinyl exclusively, offering no digital download options. But these rumors have begun to break as Buck performed one of his new songs, titled “10,000 BC,” in his singing debut May 26, backed by none other than Joseph Arthur.

The R.E.M. co-founder has been playing with projects such as Minus 5 and Baseball Project since the iconic band’s 2011 break-up, but he debuted his previously unheard voice at the City Winery in New York City a little over a week ago.

Arthur, who has played with Buck on occasion before, said of the collaboration: “Peter played us his new album. It’s incredibly good. I think it’s gonna blow minds. So we invited him to sing one of his new songs with us. He said okay, and then he said it was his vocal debut. It was a great moment. Hopefully he’ll meet us in New Orleans or some of the other dates on our tour.”

Buck’s solo album was announced by friend and long-time R.E.M. collaborator Scott McCaughey in mid-March, who said simply that the project would be “pretty ‘out.’” No release date has been set.

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