Keith Richards Says Jack White-Produced Rolling Stones Album is "Always a Possibility"

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Keith Richards   recently sat down with Rolling Stone to talk about a series of recordings that he did in 2009 with former White Stripes frontman Jack White.

The collaboration started in 2009 after the White Stripes opened for The Rolling Stones. Back in 2009, the two rockers worked side by side in the studio, but Richards would like to do it again, if White is game.

“He’s a lovely player,” Richards told the magazine.

In July, a Stones summit will be held in London to discuss the band’s plan to record new material to mark their 50th anniversary. And again, White may play a part. He is known for his work producing Loretta Lynn and Wanda Jackson, so Richards said he’s open to White working with the Stones, stating it’s “always a possibility.”

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