Leaked “Xbox 720” Documents Could be Real

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Leaked “Xbox 720” Documents Could be Real

Several media outlets are reporting that a leaked document on the Xbox 360 successor, the “Xbox 720,” fully outlines the upcoming unannounced console.

It was Scribd that originally posted the 52-page document, but the file has since been removed due to legal pressure from Microsoft. Official sources have yet to confirm the validity of the document, but if true, the console will features a number of new features—all for $299.

The future system could act as a “true all-in-one home entertainment box,” according to Edge. The system would feature XTV, a pay TV service, as well as a number of media apps such as Netflix and LastFM. The pulled document further stated that the system would have 4GB of DDR memory, along six or eight cores that could increase performance sixfold over the Xbox 360. The new system would apparently also support backwards compatibility, as well as full-game cloud streaming.

Of course, without confirmation, the leak still remains a potential hoax—although an impressive one at that.