Listen to a New Wye Oak Track, "Spiral"

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Listen to a New Wye Oak Track, "Spiral"

A new track from the Baltimore indie-folk duo Wye Oak was released today as part of Adult Swim’s Singles Program. This year, the program will debut an exclusive song every Monday of summer, which started on June 18 and will end on Sept. 9. In the coming weeks, we can expect all-new music from Wavves, Flying Lotus and many others.

Wye Oak’s “Spiral” is quite a departure from their earlier work. The earnest indie rock of acoustic guitar and Jenn Wasner’s melodic vocals is replaced with crisp guitar tones, programmed beats, and lots of echo. While many bands couldn’t survive this leap, the duo manages to create a surprisingly sinister song that’s just as infectious.

Listen to “Spiral” below. The song will be available for download on July 2.