Random House to Publish Carly Simon Memoir

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Random House to Publish Carly Simon Memoir

Singer-songwriter Carly Simon has led a tumultuous life that has included several high-profile romantic engagements, which most notably included a ten-year marriage to James Taylor, as well as a battle with breast cancer in the late ‘90s. Publishers have long wanted to sign Simon to a book deal, and now Random House and Simon have reportedly agreed to terms.

Simon, who is the daughter of Simon & Schuster co-founder Richard Simon, will write the book herself (she has also penned several children’s books). Simon’s agent was originally asking publishers for $3 million for the rights to her story, and a deal was reportedly reached for an undisclosed seven-figure sum.

“After years of keeping journals and writing lyrics for my tunes, I have developed a strong interest in seeing how my life might just string together in a longer form,” said Simon. “I know I’ll be looking for a strong chorus, like a repeating dream or theme.”

Simon has said that she plans to finish the book by the end of 2012, but Random House has not announced a publication date.