Watch a 15-Minute Interview With George R. R. Martin

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Watch a 15-Minute Interview With George R. R. Martin

Although he’s not exactly known for his brevity, a webcast was able to limit George R. R. Martin to a 15-minute interview. The short clip (in comparison to Martin’s biblically long works) answers questions about his iconic series, A Song of Ice and Fire, from reader/viewer submitted questions. It is also a nice remedy for anyone still experiencing end-of-season Game of Thrones hangover.

The video is part of the science fiction/fantasy webcast Sword and Laser, which features some stellar mid-80s computer animation and an equally appealing Star Trek-inspired sliding door. The 63-year-old director isn’t exactly camera shy having participated in HBO’s interactive features for the slash-em-up TV series.

Don’t worry, winter is still coming, but you can spend a few minutes lost in Martin’s snowy white beard, instead of the snowy white lands of Winterfell. Martin shows up around the 6-minute mark.