Watch Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt Face Off in Looper Trailer

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Hey, you! Yes, you there! Are you craving time traveling action featuring none other than Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis? You’re in luck, friend, because there’s a new trailer for Looper.

Set in the not-so-distant future, Looper is an action flick with a hint of sci-fi for good measure. It stars JGL as a “Looper,” a specialized assassin who removes all trace of time-traveling murders. He has only one rule: “Never let your target escape. Even if it’s you.” Quite the dilemma for Bruce Willis, the older, time-traveling version of Gordon-Levitt.

Check out the trailer below to watch Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis trade wisecracks—and a few heavy blows. Is it too soon for a “Stop hitting yourself!” joke? Looper hits theaters on Sept. 28.

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