Watch a New Trailer for Paul Thomas Anderson's The Master

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Paul Thomas Anderson, who’s been relatively quiet since his success with There Will Be Blood in 2007, is definitely creating some discussion surrounding two trailers that recently released for his new film, The Master. The film surrounds “The Master,” played by Philip Seymour Hoffman, as he recruits a young vagrant (Joaquin Phoenix) to help him start a new religion known as “The Cause.”

The first trailer gives an in-depth look at Phoenix’s character, but the second features a discussion between “The Master” and his new recruit. The film seems to be a reference to L. Ron Hubbard, the sci-fi writer-turned-founder of Scientology. Jonny Greenwood, lead guitarist for Radiohead, will once again score Anderson’s film.

You can watch the new trailer, along with the previous trailer, below.

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