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Obama and Romney have begun the head-to-head fight for campaign season. However, there are two other promising candidates willing to battle it out to victory; only this is for Congress. Oh yeah, it’s also a fictional election between Zach Galifianakis and Will Ferrell. Doesn’t mean the stakes aren’t still incredibly high.

The Campaign, directed by Jay Roach, stars the two comedy-tycoons and will hit theaters Aug. 10. Ferrell plays a sitting congressman who unintentionally draws unflattering attention to himself, (not an unheard of behavior among political candidates), and Galifianakis is a slightly dense citizen who gets conned into running for office by corporate CEO’s with their own motives.

With two very different approaches to the campaign, Galifianakis (Marty Huggins) appears to be the sensitive candidate, accompanied by two little puppies on his campaign poster, while Ferrell (Cam Brady) is the more direct, patriotic candidate. Who will prevail?

Check out the campaign posters and the trailer for The Campaign below.


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