Aiden Moffat and FOUND #UNRAVEL With the Help of Dewar's

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Aiden Moffat and FOUND #UNRAVEL With the Help of Dewar's


Music is often described as “unpredictable,” but Scottish musician Aidan Moffat has teamed with Edinburgh-based band FOUND to create #UNRAVEL, a sound installation that responds to external elements, including the size of the crowd in the installation room and activity on Twitter.

At the heart of the installation are 10 short stories written by Moffat, each with multiple variations, all soundtracked by 160 compositions from FOUND. Scotch maker Dewar’s has also partnered with #UNRAVEL, creating a limited edition 16-year-old single cask whisky inspired by #UNRAVEL. The label for #UNRAVEL was designed by FOUND’s Tommy Perman.

“We’re really interested in the idea of building machines that play music that seem somehow mechanical, and yet respond in surprising ways to the environment,” said FOUND member Simon Kirby.

#UNRAVEL was showcased at the TEDGlobal conference last month in Edinburgh.

Dewar’s X UNRAVEL from Protein® TV on Vimeo.