Radiohead and Jude Law Team Up for Greenpeace Video

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As part of Greenpeace’s Save the Arctic campaign, Radiohead and Jude Law have come together to produce a new video about climate change and polar bears.

The clip, which follows a polar bear forced out of her home in London, features a voiceover from Law as well as Radiohead’s “Everything in Its Right Place” from 2004’s Kid A.

According to NME, Thom Yorke said, “We have to stop the oil giants pushing into the Arctic. An oil spill in the Arctic would devastate this region of breathtaking beauty, while burning that oil will only add to the biggest problem we face, climate change.”

Save the Arctic campaign urges people to sign an Arctic Scroll that calls for the Arctic to be protected. When Greenpeace gets a million signatures, the Scroll will be planted in the sea bed in the North Pole. Yorke continued, “That’s why I’m backing this campaign, and why I have signed the Arctic Scroll. I’ll know whenever I look north that my name is planted at the bottom of the ocean at the top of the world as a permanent statement of our joint commitment to save the Arctic.

Take a look at the video below.

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