Beach Boys' Children Form Band, California Saga

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Beach Boys' Children Form Band, California Saga

While the Beach Boys have been making the rounds across the country as part of their 50th anniversary tour, their children have banded together to start a tribute act called California Saga.

The group has performed three times, opening for their parents at two shows in June, including an appearance last night at L.A.’s Grammy Museum. Consisting of Brian Wilson’s daughters Carnie and Wendy (otherwise known as two-thirds of early-’90s darlings Wilson Phillips), Mike Love’s son Christian and daughter Ambha, Dennis Wilson’s son Carl, Carl Wilson’s son Justyn and Al Jardine’s sons, Matt and Adam. The group is taking on their parents’ music, but focusing on the more obscure songs from the Beach Boys’ back catalog rather than any hits.

Although they have yet to step into a recording studio, Carnie Wilson has expressed that she hopes they will. She said to the Guardian recently, “The songs that we’re doing are so fucking beautiful, and so stunning, and the harmonies are so complex that it’s taking an enormous amount of effort to make them just right. It’s grueling and it’s tedious, but it’s worth it.”

Adam Jardine reflected similar awe of his father’s music, telling the Ventura Country Star, “We’re not just getting up there because we’re ‘the children of…’ We’re celebrating these songs that we love.”