Ed Helms to Star in New National Lampoon's Vacation Film

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Ed Helms to Star in New National Lampoon's <i>Vacation</i> Film

Variety has reported that Ed Helms will star as Rusty Griswold in New Line Cinema’s reprisal of the National Lampoon’s Vacation film.

Helms will be tied up with The Office and the filming of The Hangover 3 until spring of next year, so production of a new Vacation film will have to wait until 2013. New Line will reportedly attempt to fit the film into a more manageable budget between now and then.

There is no word yet on what role, if any, Chevy Chase will play in the new film, but one would have to imagine he will be involved in some capacity, if for nothing else than to impart a few words of familial wisdom to his now-grown son.