James Murphy to Open Store, Hints at Future Recordings

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LCD Soundsystem’s breakup after a decade of decadent dance-punk left many fans dazed. But a recent interview with The New York Times shed some light on Murphy’s future.

In the stage between music icon and Brooklyn shop owner, Murphy revealed that the music didn’t stop with the now iconic April 2, 2011 show at Madison Square Garden, which is the subject of the documentary Shut Up and Play The Hits.

“Lately I’ve been making little synth songs at other people’s studios,” Murphy stated in the article. He also later said that a “director pal” approached Murphy with an idea to unite LCD Soundsystem to contribute a song to an upcoming film, which the rest of the group “seems to want to do.”

Murphy also plans to open “House of Good,” a store in Brooklyn that will feature “cheap Chinese sneakers, whimsical socks, candy from Denmark.” LCD Soundsystem might be the past, but right now, Murphy’s future is wide open.

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