Johnny Depp to Help Publish Woody Guthrie's Novel, House of Earth

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Johnny Depp to Help Publish Woody Guthrie's Novel, <i>House of Earth</i>

House of Earth, Woody Guthrie’s posthumous novel originally written in 1947, is now expected to be published under the combined effort of author Douglas Brinkley and Johnny Depp—yes, the actor. Brinkley and Depp originally met through Hunter S. Thompson and worked on the soundtrack’s liner notes for the Thompson documentary, Gonzo.

Much like Guthrie’s music, the novel is influenced by the American Dust Bowl of the late ‘30s. The iconic singer/songwriter also drew inspiration from John Steinbeck, one of Southern California’s most prolific writers.

Guthrie’s novel traces the story of Tike and Ella May Hamlin, farmers from Texas. The manuscript originally sat in a closet in Coney Island for decades before Brinkley became aware of it in the ‘90s. Brinkley and Depp are working to publish the novel sometime next spring.