Ryan Adams Contributes to The Kitty Comp For Abandoned Kitten

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Ryan Adams Contributes to <i>The Kitty Comp</i> For Abandoned Kitten

Music has the power to do many things: create harmony, inspire others and, recently, save kittens. Burger Records hopes to achieve the latter with its latest release, The Kitty Comp. The California-based record company discovered an abandoned kitten near an overpass and put together a 2-cassette release to cover about $2,200 in medical fees for surgery. The cassette features previously unreleased songs from 50 different artists including Ryan Adams, Mikal Cronin and members of Beachwood Sparks.

The compilation is available for purchase on the label’s website. Only 500 sets are available at $10, and any additional proceeds will be donated to The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Take a look at the track listing below.

The Kitty Comp Track List
Side One
1. Veloura Caywood – Cat In A Box?
2. John Wesley Coleman – Yo Kitty Kat?
3. The Vomettes – I Like Your Pussy But I Love Your Penis?
4. Audacity – Run Kitty Run?
5. Lenguas Largas – Lower Profile?
6. The Resonars – I Didn’t Feel So Cold Then?
7. Dead Ghosts – I Sleep Alone?
8. The Abigails – Always?
9. Joel Gion – Every Which Way?
10. Cleaners From Venus – Hove New?
11. The Pizazz – Face Parade?
12. Summer Twins – Senor Don Gato?
13. Pangea – Offer

Side Two
14.   Mikal Cronin  – You Gotta Have Someone (Demo)?
15. Sea Lions – Doesn’t Mean A Thing?
16. Devon Williams – Your Avalon?
17. Wyatt Blair – Girls?
18. Teenage Burritos – Charlie?
19. MHV – Portrait?
20. Penetration Moon – Real Wild Child 
21. Schlitzie – What’s His Name?
22. Miss Chain and the Broken Heels – Don’t Let Go?
23. Tomorrows Tulips – Free?
24. Part Time – The Berkshire Hobbits?
25. Nick Nicely – Hilly Fields (Acoustic)

Side Three
1. Brentwood Dan (Members of Beachwood Sparks) – Sad Song 4 Kat?
2. Babies on Acid – Grrrl?
3. Burnt Ones – Hologram Dropouts (Demo)?
4. Peach Kelli Pop – Stay Away?
5. Goochi Boiz – Why You Gotta Be Mean To Me?
6. White Mystery – Ye Olde Stone Cut?
7. The Coathangers – Sex Beat?
8. Blue Jungle – Teardrops?
9. Apache – Kitty On Christmas?
10. The Stalkers – Searching In The Wilderness?
11. Bell Gardens – Today I Started Loving You Again?
12. Beekler – Grips?
13. Peter Case – I’m Gonna Change My Ways

Side Four
14.   Ryan Adams  – Dynasty of Troll Loch Ming?
15. The Zoltars – You Come With A Price?
16. The Be Helds – Just Dreamin’?
17. Lust-Cats of the Gutters – Pac-Man 
18. Soviet – Heaven’s Gate?
19. Apple Brains – Give Me Your Tongue?
20. So Wrong – This Ain’t The Time To Die?
21. Crystal Antlers – Struggle?
22. Young Guv – Call Me When The Cat Dies (Live)?
23. Lovely Bad Things – Surfin’ On Skulls (Demo)?
24. Slumber Party – Stay Gold?
25. Meow Twins – Lobster Party